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DiabloRojo 02-mar-2010 10:08

Rules of the forums

By registering in this forums, you accepted the rules you have just read. The forums administrator and moderators understand that you know those basic rules, and may consequently remove or close offending threads. A repeated out of the rules behavior would result in a ban from the forums.
  1. Search in Google, or the forums engine, before asking, even if you believe the problem is unique, it usually is not. Probably it has been solved several times..For this reason and to avoid overloading the forums, we ask you to search before you write.

  2. If you find nothing, try reading the appropriate manual. Try using advanced commands in google search.

  3. Please read the “How to (and how to not) ask for help” if you don't know how to ask in the forums, or if you are told to give some info. Remember that the final objective of the forums is to learn, so be prepared to get answers as links to doc. and information about how to solve the problem.

  4. It is compulsory to write explicit subjects: it must explain briefly and accurately the content of the whole post. Subjects as “HELP” or “I HAVE A PROBLEM” are not permitted, as they provide no information about the content. They must not be in capital letters, that means shouting in the Internet. Having an explicit subject makes the search easier for other users. Moderators reserve the right to modify the post/thread subject if this point is not satisfied.

  5. Avoid rude language: do not insult, despise or write in capital letters (that means shouting, as in rule 4). This is an open forum, not a Technical Assistance Service. The main objective is to help users learning, solve their problems is a secondary objective. People answer here altruistically, without being paid, just for helping others. Remember that no one forces you to post.

  6. Give all the necessary information over the problem, i.e: kind of computer, openSUSE version (or specify if you use a derivative version), kernel version, desktop environment,etc. Describe the steps you followed to produce/solve the problem.

  7. The message body should be well written: write properly, using punctuation marks and avoiding spelling and grammar mistakes, as well as writing in capital letters. Do not use SMS language or abbreviations. Use paragraphs and try to be extremely clear with the problem, adding any kind of useful information. Write in Spanish, as this forums are for Spanish-speaking people. Moderators reserve the right to remove unreadable or incomprehensible posts.

  8. Please write your posts in the corresponding forum. The forums division is not arbitrary. If you have X problem, please send it to the appropriate forum, or the nearest to the subject. If you doubt between some forums, read please the description for each forum in the forum's main page. If you miss a specific forum, ask for it to the moderators, or post in “Sugerencias para el Foro”. Moderators reserve the right to move the thread to the corresponding forum if necessary.

  9. If you solve your problem partially or completely, please explain how you achieved it in every place you asked for info, in addition to edit the thread's title (by editing the first thread's post) and adding “[SOLUCIONADO]” or “[RESUELTO]”. If you can't do it, please send a PM to any moderator so he can do it for you. Think that if you share your solution with other people, they would take advantage of your experience. That improves the Community.

  10. If you get an answer, and you don't understand it, search the web, the manual or the forums before asking.

  11. If you started a thread in one forum, do not repeat it in another one, because it will be removed by the moderators. If it was an accident, don't worry, because moderators will remove it.

  12. If your post is not answered, it's forbidden to post again in the thread, if you are not adding new info. If you don't receive an answer in some time, maybe it's caused because nobody knows how to help you, or you didn't give enough data.

  13. If you realize that you forgot to add some data, do not write another post in the thread, because it may be removed. Edit the wrong part and/or add data to the end of the post, specifying “[EDITADO]” and the text to add, this is not necessary if you have been answered by any user.

  14. Do not ask the users to answer you by email, because it's against forums ethics, which is helping community and not individuals. Do not ask for help by private message either, nor users email. There is just one exception, and it's for suggestions related to forums and site working, which may be asked to moderators.

  15. Forosuse accepted topics are about openSUSE and derived distros. For info about other distros (Fedora , Ubuntu , Debian , etc... ). You may visit other sites for getting help for those distros . However, as many of openSUSE users use other GNU/Linux distros, we accept generic GNU/Linux questions, but the distro-specific should be asked in Off-topic.

  16. Don't overload messages: if you have several problems, do not ask for help in the same message, write one for each one, because this keeps the forums order and makes searching easier. We recommend you to make “short posts”, because if it is (really) long, you risk seeing it unread. Do not include the content of configuration files, logs, etc.... It is better to compress it and upload it with the post, or (if it is brief) include it between CODE tags.

  17. It is strongly forbidden to use the forums as an illegal articles buy/sell place, link to mp3 downloading sites, talk about how to crack programs, to sum up: any illegal (or kind of illegal) topic. Forosuse is not responsible for the user comments, even moderator's.

  18. Any kind of SPAM is forbidden in our forums.

  19. It is forbidden to publish your private data and/or other people's. For example, you are not allowed to publish email addresses, fixed Ips which belong to a particular user, etc. Moderators reserve the right to delete the private data, even if it has been published ignoring the rules.

  20. It is strongly forbidden to encourage users to click on Google's Adsense ads. Although we do not doubt of your good intentions, this may be harmful better than profitable.

  21. It is forbidden to edit your post after you solved your problem, or someone answered your post. This damages the community, as other users cannot follow the thread topic.

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