Ver la Versión Completa : ayuda ya me trave otra vez

19-sep-2006, 07:22
resulta k estado leyendo y leyendo
y no encuentro un programa para poder
grabar los programas de la television,, cabe aclara k ya tengo instalados los siguientes programas:::::kdtv,motv,xawtv,Aletv,,incluso instale el mythtv,,
y no puedo gravar, el programa xawtv trae unas opciones para grabar pero lo lo hace,,
kisiera la ayuda de ustedes para poder corregir este problema,,,
ya k kiero pasar unos cd+g a videos

por su ayuda gracias y recuerden k soy novato:::

19-sep-2006, 16:21
Si tienes instalado Mplayer, usa Mencoder.

Pd.: Creo que existen GUI's para esto (kmediagrab, kmencoder ....); pero yo lo uso en la consola. Si lo haces asi, echale un vistazo a la página man de mencoder o mplayer.

19-sep-2006, 18:43
el kmencoder ..pero no da video tambien baje otro mplayer 1.0pre8.tar.bz2
lo descomprimi y lo guarde en el directorio doritos,luego me meti a una consola x y
le puse ./configure
y luego ./configure --enable-gui<<<<pero ya de aki no se nada ni idea les dejo el readme:::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Welcome to MPlayer, The Movie Player. MPlayer can play most standard video
formats out of the box and almost all others with the help of external codecs.
MPlayer currently works best from the command line, but visual feedback for
many functions is available from its onscreen status display (OSD), which is
also used for displaying subtitles. MPlayer also has a GUI with skin support and
several unofficial alternative graphical frontends are available.

MEncoder is a command line video encoder for advanced users that can be built
from the MPlayer source tree. An unofficial graphical frontend exists but is
not included.

This document is for getting you started in a few minutes. It cannot answer all
of your questions. If you have problems, please read the documentation in
DOCS/HTML/en/index.html, which should help you solve most of your problems.
Also read the man page to learn how to use MPlayer.

- You need a working development environment that can compile programs.
On popular Linux distributions, this means having the glibc development
package(s) installed.
- To compile MPlayer with X11 support, you need to have the X Window System
development packages (like for XFree86 or X.Org) installed.
- For the GUI you need the libpng and GTK 1.2 development packages.

Before you start...
Unless you know what are you doing, consult DOCS/HTML/en/video.html to see
which driver to use with your video card to get the best quality and
performance. Most cards require special drivers not included with XFree86 to
drive their 2-D video acceleration features like YUV and scaling.

A quick and incomplete list of recommendations:
- ATI cards: Get the GATOS drivers for X11/Xv or use VIDIX.
- Matrox G200/G4x0/G550: Compile and use mga_vid for Linux, on BSD use VIDIX.
- 3dfx Voodoo3/Banshee: Get XFree86 4.2.0+ for Xv or use the tdfxfb driver.
- nVidia cards: Get the X11 driver from www.nvidia.com for Xv support.
- NeoMagic cards: Get an Xv capable driver from our homepage as described in

Without accelerated video even an 800MHz P3 may be too slow to play DVDs.

STEP0: Getting MPlayer

Official releases and Subversion snapshots, as well as fonts for the OSD, codec
packages and a number of different skins for the GUI are available from the
download section of our homepage at


A set of fonts is necessary for the OSD and subtitles unless you

para ver si me pueden ayudar saludos :scared: